Studies have shown that gaming is actually good for you in minor doses. For example, people that play strategy games are more creative and can think of interesting solutions to a problem and people who play first person shooter games (FPS) have better reactions and think quickly. If you play open world games, you have most likely developed a sense of exploration. Obviously, playing video games too much can be a problem. People think that sitting too close to the TV, monitor or mobile phone will damage your eyes, but it actually won’t. What will damage your eyes is staring at the screen for too long in dark places, for example in your bed at night. It is also good to point out that most games are in English, so people can learn quite a lot of vocabulary from them.

I also just want to say something to people who always say pause the game: not all games can be paused because if it is an online game and you are actively playing with other people, pausing it would also pause the game for other players. That would be very annoying because there would always be that one kid in every game who would pause for no reason at all.

Finally, find out more by watching a video about the advantages and disadvantages of gaming:

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