Il libro parla della costruzione del Castello di Miramare e di chi vi abitava. I narratori del libro sono tre uccelli che sono molto confusi sulla costruzione di questo castello.

Il libro è diviso in capitoli (le parti del castello) e accanto a ogni titolo c’è scritto l’anno dellla costruzione.

Il libro mi è piaciuto perche è interessante.

Ema, 7. r

An e-mail

Hi, Maja!

I’m in Brazil now. I’m here with my mom and my cousin. My brother is ill, so he is staying with my dad at home. We are in a really big shopping center and we have already got lost twice, but it’s still fun. We are shopping for some trousers and maybe a hat because it’s really cold here. Right now my cousin is trying on some trousers, so me and my mom are waiting outside the cabin. It’s taking long, but I’m having a great time. Anyway, we need to buy someting for the football game this evening. How cool is that? We are actually going to the stadium and we will see Neymar and other players in real life not only on TV. I’ve heard that they are giving autographs, so I can take one for you too, but I don’t promise anything. That remindes me – I will send you all photos of the game. I’m so excited because it was a surprise for me and my cousin. By the way, we actually didn’t see a lot of Brazil. We just visited some parks, shopping centres, cafés and museums. We are staying in a hotel in the middle of Brasilia. It’s nice, but it has a weird name that I always forget. Tomorow after breakfast we are going to the Nacional park Brazil and after that we are going to play mini golf. Wish you were here too. Anyway, enogh about me. How are things with you? I’ve heard that you are in Rome with your family. Sorry, someone is calling me. I have to go, but keep me post and write soon.

Bye for now.

your bff Hana


The book is about two best friends, Elle and Lee. They have been best friends for a lot of years. Elle has a crush on Lee’s brother Noah, but Lee doesn’t know that.

Their school organizes a carnival. Elle and Lee decide that they are going to do the »THE KISSING BOOTH«. They invite some girls and boys to work there. All the money that people will give them, will be sent to charity. But the girls say that they will come if Noah comes too. Elle needs a lot of time to ask Noah if he will come. When he finally says yes, Elle and Lee can start making »THE KISSING BOOTH«. They start earning lots of money. But then one girl lies about something, so Elle needs to start working there.When she sees that Noah kissed her, she is speechless. After that, Elle starts to hang out with Noah more than with Lee. Once when Noah is fixing his motorbike, Elle falls and Noah carries her to the kitchen and helps her. Then he kisses her. When Lee sees that, he gets very angry with them, stops talking to them and ignores them. But then Elle says that she is sorry for not telling him and they become best friends again. Lee needs a little more time to be OK with Noah, but at the end everything is finally alright.

Ema, 7. r


The book is about a boy named August. A lot of his classmates think that he is a freak because his face looks very strange. He starts going to school when he is ten and his mum cannot teach him anymore. So, the principal calls three kids to his office.  Julian, Jack and Charlotte. Jack and August become best friends, but Julian does not like him because of his face. He thinks he is a freak.  And because Jack is his friend, everybody thinks he is a freak too. So, Julian and his friends often steal their homework or send them very rude notes. But at the end everybody realizes that he is not a freak, so they become friends. Julian gets kicked out of school because of the messages he sends to August and Jack.  August also works very hard and gets a medal for all his hard work.

Ema, 7. r



This is the second part of the trilogy that follows the magic world of Morrigan Crow.

In the first book we meet a twelve-year-old girl that has always felt like an outsider in a normal world. One day a stranger named Jupiter comes for her in her home and takes her to a secret and completely different magic world named Nevermoor. He believes that Morrigan has a very special superpower. And that is true, Morrigan soon discovers that she is a Wundersmith just like Ezra Squall the worst villain of all time and no one else.

In the second book Morrigan goes to the most elite school Wundrous Society. Her classmates never like her because of her gift, but one day that turns even worse.

When one day they arrive to their private train station to go to school, they find a letter. In the letter anonymous person writes that one classmate needs to do something to embarrass themselves or something nearly impossible. If they don’t do that, the blackmailer will tell their class secret. They hate Morrigan even more because they think they have to protect her secret about being a Wundersmith. The letters come individually.

In the meantime, a lot of Society members disappear, which is really bad because the Society was supposed to be the safest place in Nevermoor.

One day the Ezra Squall visits Morrigan secretly and wants to teach her how to use her Wundersmith gift.

Will Morrigan and her friends find who’s behind all off this? Will Morrigan teach how to use her power? Will the others finally accept her?

Ema, 9. r


The book is about a 16-year-old girl Belly, who spends every summer since she was born with her mother, her brother, her mother’s best friend and her two sons Conrad and Jeremiah at the summer house in Cousins.

Belly has always had a crush on Conrad, but for him she was like his little sister. At least she thought so.

Conrad’s younger brother Jeremiah, who always has a lot of energy and is a very funny person, is Belly’s best friend and has never looked at her like something more. Until this summer.

So there’s a love triangle between these three.

Belly’s older brother Steven was always annoyed when she was with him and the boys because he always looked at her like she was a child, so she spent a lot of time with her mom and her best friend  Susannah.

They were best friends for a lot of time.

Susannah had cancer a few years ago, and now it came back. She and Belly’s mom Laurel wanted to keep this a secret, but Conrad accidentally found out, so he wasn’t himself all summer.

One night the kids were at a party and Belly met a boy called Cameron. They started dating and Conrad and Jeremiah were jealous beacuse they both fell in love with her.

But while Belly and Cameron were dating, she constantly thought about Conrad because she still had a crush on him, so she ended the relationship with Cameron.

At the end they all found out that Susannah was ill and it was heartbreaking for all of them.

But the love triangle never ends.

Zana, 9. r


The book is about three women (Rachel, Anna and Megan) that are connected to a murder of a man, who was found dead on a boathouse.

Rachel is 33-years old alcoholic woman, who is afflicted by broken marriage.

Tom, who is Rachel’s ex-husband, is now married to Anna and lives a happy life with his wife and her daughter Evie.

Anna is proud of her husband and she wants to make Rachel jealous of her, but she doesn’t succeed.

Rachel follows her old habit of taking the train to London and back every day once in the morning and once at the evening.

Her train slowly passes her old house on Blenheim Road, where Tom, Anna and Evie live now.

On the train she meets an attractive couple, who live a few houses away from Tom.

She thinks they are perfect, but is stunned to see the wife, Megan, kissing another man.

The next day, after drinking hard, Rachel wakes up to find herself bloody and hurt with no memory of the night before.

She learns that Megan is missing and is questioned by the police after Anna reports seeing her walking around during night of Megan’s disappearance.

Armed with sad felling and realization that Tom must have been the one to kill Megan, Rachel warns Anna.

When Anna confronts him, Tom confesses killing Megan after she threatened to reveal that he got her pregnant.

Anna is scared and fears fir her daughter’s safety.

Tom tries to overpower and bully Rachel into silence, but she defies him and fights back.

Knowing he will kill her, Rachel stabs Tom in the neck with a corkscrew.

Anna helps Rachel make sure she stabs him to death.

When the police arrives, former adversaries Rachel and Anna support each other by reconciling their stories to explain their actions as self-defense.

Rachel finally breaks free and decides to stop drinking and to move on.

I liked the book very much because it talks about murder and crime.

Ana, 9. r